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Facilities + services

BL Horsemanship is a boutique sized training and sales business that is based out of their private facility in Staunton, Virginia. We pride ourselves on giving our horses a thorough foundation that allows us to continue educating them predominately outside, covering a variety of terrains and doing different jobs. We keep the program small so that each horse receives ample individual focus and the flexibility to meet whatever their time needs may be. 




Our primary mission is to produce horses offered for sale, from the ground up. We are focused on a well rounded foundation, safety is our priority, with amateur friendly in mind. Our goal is to help horses search, think and be confident filling in for their human so that they can be successful as themselves, no matter what you intend to do with them. All of our horses have to go through our program and be proven before being available to purchase. Please visit our sales page to view current available horses, fill out our sales horse inquiry questionnaire, or to subscribe to be notified when a new horse is available to the public. 


training + Consignment

On an individual basis, we take outside horses in for introducing to or additional education in fox hunting, starting under saddle, problem solving, additional training and sales consignment. We tailor our program to the individual needs of the horse and the goals of the owner. Our training philosophy is to get the horse willing, relaxed and searching so that there are no limits to the activities you can do with them. 

We have no minimum timeline, our program can be customized entirely to your personal needs. We charge a day rate of $40 per day that the horse is in training, and $15 per day layover or injury board. Consignment horses are the same in training day rate plus 10% commission of the sale price. BL Horsemanship takes responsibility for all marketing, advertising, communicating and showing to prospective buyers. Please visit our contact page to inquire about training and consignment availability.  

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