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Prune is a 12 year old 15.1 thoroughbred mare (never raced) has hit the hunt field with the Glenmore Hounds this season and completely thrives. She is started as a staff horse and has done a super job of learning to track the hounds, tackling tough winter mountain terrain, and proving a tremendous amount of grit. She travels well solo, crosses all the winter bogs, jumps coups and logs, is very sure-footed and self aware. Prune has done a great job riding point as well and being the horse out front traveling with a huge group hot on her heels. She has not entered in the field, though I think she would do well there as well. She stands well for checks, is easy to hop off and on to get a quirky gate, or you can open a good one right from horseback. 


From a day to day, Prune enjoys traveling off property and experiencing new places. Her ideal rider is someone who has a bit of confidence and really seeking a horse that they can go out and give a job to. Because of this, at this point in time she is not suited for total beginners or very timid riders. She is soft in the bridle, hunting in a snaffle, and is very simple to handle on the ground, to tie, shoe, etc. Her formal flatwork education is coming along nicely and she is brave over fences. She is currently very reasonably priced in the mid to upper fours, but her price will continue to increase as she gains additional hunting experience.  Master references available upon request. 





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