Team Blh

Nathalie Williams, Full Time Working Student

Nathalie is from Rockingham, Virginia and has been riding since she was eight years old. In August 2019, just three weeks before she went off to college, she shattered her leg in a riding accident. After spending her first freshman semester bound to a wheel chair, she decided to take a break and head home. Only a month later, Nathalie and Brie met and have been riding together ever since. In December 2020 Nathalie joined the team as a full-time working student. She is currently producing her off the track Thoroughbred mare, Dora, and enjoys helping bring along the sales horses. While only 20, Nathalie brings incredible work ethic, attention to detail and enthusiasm to the team. 

Debora Lay, Equine Nutritionist

Brie met Debora while working on a large PRE Andalusian import, breeding and training ranch in Montana. Debora was the nutritional consultant in charge of building the diets around each horses' needs on the ranch. Brie has continued to have her build and manage her herds' nutrition from across the country. Our philosophy is that they must be healthy from the inside out, first. Without Debora we wouldn't be able to produce horses, as nutrition is the foundation of our program. 

Miles Herring, Farrier

Miles is an exceptional farrier who has established a well rounded career shoeing a large variety of performance horses, from fox hunters, sport horses to competitive Arabians. His attention to detail and awareness of how subtle alterations can make tremendous differences in the horse's way of going and long term soundness makes him a crucial part of our team. We know that every horse is getting exceptional individual care when Miles is managing the health of their hooves. We look forward to many more years of utilizing his services!